Trak-Kit is a revolutionary patented system invented to bring flexibility and versatility to the display, home theater and video display experience. Designed by architects, with 10 years of installed systems, Trak-Kit solves the common architectural problem of fixed location displays limiting the viewing possibilities and
room design.

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A Trak-Kit consists of suspending a display, video conferencing equipment or a wall panel integrated with screens, speakers or lights… from a patented track system to allow for linear and rotational movement along a path. Vertical movement and landscape to portrait orientation can be implemented as well.

Available in smooth-gliding manual movement; upgradable and fully automated models which allow users to automatically transport their displays to precise pre-programmed locations, a Trak-Kit system may be surface mounted or recessed in a ceiling with standard and customized finishes to match any design.

Trak-Kit covers may be customized to include lighting, speakers, and visual design features to complement the space. Trak-Kit covers are finished with a soft, elegant brush pathway allowing the display support tube to quietly move through the room as desired.

Wire management is clever and hidden thanks to the Trak-Kit E-Chain system that smoothly routes wires for power, video, sound, and internet inside the Trak. Wires travel neatly inside the display support tube and allow the display to rotate and elevate to different viewing

Trak-kit brings architectural elegance and innovative design to any space that desires such freedoms. Trak-kit is a truly custom solution; available in any desired length and may accommodate multiple displays. Furthermore, Trak-Kit also allows you to hide the display sliding into a custom pocket in the wall, turning into an art work when not in use or using one of trak-kit’s wide choices of display covers.

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